Nerd Alert – Season 3 – Episode 13

In this week’s episode, the gang talk about:

  • Colin Treverrow is out and J.J. Abrams is back in the director’s chair for “Star Wars: Episode IV”.
  • We answer some mind boggling questions from the “Back To The Future” series.
  • We discuss the first impressions of “The Last Jedi”.
  • Who gave Lor Sen Takka the map to find Luke in “The Force Awakens”? We finally have an answer.
  • SPOILERS: Once the show is over, Joe and Eric go over potential revealing Spoilers for “The Last Jedi”!

Join hosts Joe Hogarty, Jack McCarthy, Ron D’Anna, Taylor Katcher and Eric Lancy!

WDWNT: Nerd Alert – Season Three Episode 13 is now available for download through WDW News Today: Original Programming and iTunes!

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