Ask Us Anything 2! – The WDW News Today Podcast: Episode 22

Join Tom Corless and Eric Morton for a weekly discussion on Disney parks, Disney people and the Disney community. This week, we talk about the worst Disney attractions in history.

Tom and Eric with text Ask Us Anything

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:36 – Park Candy
00:01:24 – Gertie Plush
00:02:22 – Ask us Anything Again
00:03:11 – Who will be the next Disney CEO?
00:05:54 – Favorite ride at Disneyland Paris?
00:06:42 – If you could walk-through one ride, what would it be?
00:09:40 – What ride would you upgrade with modern technology?
00:10:35 – How would you fix Disneyland’s Tomorrowland?
00:14:08 – WIGS
00:15:03 – Stage 89
00:17:19 – Will both WDW water parks be open at the same time again?
00:18:42 – What is a business decision you made that you regret?
00:20:40 – Would you advise Disney shareholders to vote for or against Jay Rasulo?
00:21:23 – What Disney ride should be turned into a movie?
00:22:22 – Thoughts on D23 Brazil?
00:22:50 – Best restaurants in NYC and KC, and what food item would you add to any Disney park?
00:27:07 – Favorite Disney live entertainment?
00:27:36 – Will the full Festival of Fantasy parade ever return?
00:27:52 – Will the yeti ever get fixed?
00:28:47 – Does Disneyland Paris need a new E-ticket?
00:29:53 – Is the WDWNT Museum kid-friendly?
00:30:41 – If you could take one ride from each park and put them into one park, what would they be?
00:44:46 – Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
00:47:22 – Have you been to Knott’s Berry Farm?
00:48:06 – Do you think Disney will ever do anything with Discovery Island?
00:49:11 – Will you visit Efteling?
00:49:35 – Have you ever signed autographs for fans in the parks?
00:49:54 – Main Street Electrical Parade vs. Paint the Night
00:50:38 – Is Eric a Jayhalks fan?
00:52:05 – Top 5 theme park attractions of all time?
00:54:01 – Top 5 theme park shows of all time?
01:00:22 – Why is the News Tonight schedule not on the website calendar?
01:00:54 – Favorite Disney live-action movies?
01:01:43 – Outro

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