WDWNT Episode 65 (10/26/08) – Enhanced Edition

An enhanced podcast is a podcast with added features that standard podcasts do not have. Enhanced podcasts include many features like Chapter listings, this lets you skip through chapters or see what is in store for this weeks show. Enhanced podcasts also have images to let you differ the chapters by. Enhanced podcasts have one negative feature, you can not play them on most MP3 players. The file format for this is a .m4a which can play on an Apple iPod or a Microsoft Zune. If you need or would like the standard edition, download the normal edition listed below this file. We hope you enjoy this WDWNT Enhanced podcast.

Join me, Tom Corless, and a cast including Justin Heyman, Jason Diffendal, Kyle Duffield, Chris Lastrapes, and Luke Manning for a show that Bridges the Gaps Between You and the World. I hope you enjoy all of the Walt Disney World information and Halloween fun we have to offer on this “grim grinning ghost” edition of the WDW News Today Podcast.

To kick off episode 65, we have all the recent happenings from the last two weeks to discuss in our Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. This time around, we’ll be telling you where you can find the world’s most famous fairy in the Magic Kingdom, what may be celebrated outside Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, and just how the upcoming American Idol Experience attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be paying tribute to a show that opened with the park back in 1989.

Following that, “It’s Time to Go Back” as our Walt Disney World history segment, Back To The Future, returns this week on the WDW News Today Podcast. On this journey, we’ll be discussing the long and storied history of one of the most famous Disney attractions of all-time, The Haunted Mansion. We hope you enjoy this trip through time to look at the spookiest location at the Magic Kingdom and are able to actually listen to all 2 hours of it!!!

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Enjoy the Show!!! See Ya Next Week!!!

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