WDW News Tonight – Season 1 – Episode 1

As we announced during our historic 60-hour-broadcast back in November, WDW News Today is about to make waves (radio waves that is) with a brand new show! Starting on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 9PM ET you can catch an entirely new, revolutionary 2 hour program from WDWNT every week! You’ve read WDW News Today, but get ready to experience WDW News Tonight!

This new show will combine popular elements from several past and present WDWNT programs including comedy, news, in-depth discussions, interviews, and games, but will also include some new concepts never heard before. Think of it as The Daily Show meets the WDW News Today Podcast.

WDW News Tonight is hosted by Tom Corless and Nick LoCicero, former hosts of WDW News Today: The Radio Show, but will also feature regular appearances by a number of other WDWNT correspondents.

If you are in the Orlando area, you can tune in to AM 1520 WBZO at showtime. For those outside the Orlando area, the show can be heard at Listen.WDWNT.com via computer or mobile device. The show will also utilize new interactive avenues for our listeners, including a live chat, the ability to call-in to the show, and as well as a (For the first time in WDWNT history) live video stream of the show.

The show (as well as popular clips from it) will also be available for streaming and download the very next day at WDWNewsTonight.com. While this won’t offer the interactive features and excitement of listening live, it offers those who can’t catch the show on Wednesday night a chance be a part of the fun.

Coming up on our very first show:

  • A recap of the week’s news (with a WDWNT comedic twist)
  • We’ll play “Where in the World is Tom Corless?” for prizes from Theme Park Connection
  • “What did we just eat?” – A Disney dining review
  • “Tom and Nick are Angry About Things”
  • “WDWNT Now!” Tip of the Week
  • An in-depth discussion of the pressing issues facing Walt Disney World in 2016, including upcoming attractions and additions
  • Flash Back to the Future – An abbreviated version of the popular history segment from the WDW News Today Podcast
  • And much more!

Original live broadcast Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 9PM EST.

Watch the video:

Stream or download the audio:

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