Nerd Alert – Season 2 – Episode 11

In this week’s episode the gang talk about:

  • Patrick and Ron return from The New York ComicCon and tell us about what panels they went to, who they met and what they bought.
  • The final “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has been released and we give our thoughts.
  • Taylor tells about the 15 minutes of ‘Doctor Strange” footage that he recently saw and what we can expect.
  • Wolverine 3 is now called “Logan”.
  • Say goodbye to Disney XD’s “Ultimate Spider-Man” and hello to a new “Spider-Man” animated series.
  • The real Superman is not on the big screen but on the small screen in the “Supergirl” series.

Join Joe Hogarty, Patrick Hackett, Ron D’Anna, Jack McCarthy, and Taylor Katcher!

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