Radio Free Disneyland Episode 2: My Way Or The Highway (Cars Land)



Songs of cars and the open road. Some from Disney California Adventure Park’s Cars Land background loop, some not. A car song forensic history examination with R&B DJ and aficionado Steve Propes. Pedal to the metal!

The 74s were a sweet ride.

Act 1 Show Notes:

Riding In My Car (Car Song)


Recording:  Riding In My Car (Car Song)
Artist:          Woody Guthrie
Album:        Woody At 100

From Woody’s second set of children’s music Nursery Days. Recorded in 1947, it was not released until 1956. After Guthrie was “quoted” in the Disneyland dedication address.





Show Opening Sound Logo (Audio Montage)



Recording:  Overture- M. Gustave H
Artist:          Alexandre Desplat
Album:        Grand Budapest Hotel OST






The Celler and Point copy

Recording:   852
Artist:            The Cellar & Point
Album:          Ambit






Thanks to these fine artists for setting the tone of the Podcast. Discover their music via the buttons.


Highway 61 Revisited

Recording:   Highway 61 Revisited
Artist:            Dave Alvin
Album:          Highway 61 Revisited (Single)

A true man of the road testifies from the Book of Bob.

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McQueen and Sally

McQueen and Sally


Recording:  McQueen and Sally
Artist:           Randy Newman
Album:         Cars Original Soundtrack




Cars Land BGM Sparks Hot Rod Musical History Class


@bout Steve Propes…

In the magical days when KLON-FM spewed Jazz and Blues like a smokestack over the San Gabriel River Delta, Steve Propes flipped varietal disks of the R&B, Do-Wop, Blues, and Rockabilly strains to great acclaim.

Steve joins our own Deejay Middlebrow at Cars Land to check out the background music and chat about some classic car tunes in the linage of “Hot Rod Lincoln.”

Check out Steve’s Amazon Author Page:



Arkie Meets the Judge-Hot Rod Race 3



Recording:   Arkie Meets the Judge (Hot Rod Race #3)
Artist:           Arkie Shibley
Album:         Hot Rod Race







Recording:   Drive
Artist:           Jim Lauderdale
Album:         This Changes Everything

Jim does it again! A brand new disc from the reigning prince of Americana.




Readings From “On The Road” And “Visions Of Cody”



Recording:   Readings From “On The Road”
                       And “Visions Of Cody”
Artist:           Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen
Album:         Poetry For The Beat Generation


Taken from the Steve Allen Plymouth Show, NBC Broadcast, Monday 10:00pm EST, 16th November 1959. This is the only known motion picture footage of Beat Icon Jack Kerouac reading his own work.

For licensing inquiries please contact Historic Films Archive
( /


Skip This – Chrysler Highway Hi-Fi. Another fine idea from your friends at Chrysler-Plymouth.


Theme From Route 66

Recording:      Theme From Route 66
Artist:               Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra
Album:             Bachelor Pad 
Royale Volume Four      




Deejay wraps up part one and puts it on the truck.


Public Service Announcement


Crash Test Dummies PSA (1994) with Don Knotts

Act 2 Show Notes:

Disney & The Deuce – Giants At The Fair

You’ve been good. Middlebrow takes you on a ride.
20th Century giants! Walt Disney, Henry Ford II, and the supreme leader of New York, Robert Moses. Photo © Disney

Magic Skyway


Recording:    Magic Skyway
Artist:            Walt Disney
Album:          Walt Disney and the World’s Fair

The complete soundtrack to what might be considered the original Cars Land ride: Walt Disney’s Magic Skyway from the 1964 New York World’s Fair




Tail As Old As Time 

Walt Disney created four pavilions for the 1964 New York World’s Fair in an effort to gauge the appeal of a Disneyland style attraction on the East Coast. One was Magic Skyway for the Ford Motor Company.

In the climactic dinosaur scene, a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus square off on a lava spewing volcano. But the two species never coexisted. They lived during different time periods millions of years apart. Maybe that’s why they are fighting.

The error originally emanates from Fantasia in 1940 when quite possibly, the various Geological periods were not widely understood. At least not in Hollywood. It seems that in the haste of developing the four attractions for the Fair, Imagineers may have “grabbed” the pre art-directed inspiration from the film without the benefit of modern reflection. An unforced error, millions of years in the making, that has been repeated several times.

“You again!?” Clip © Disney

Stoplight Kisses


Recording:    Stoplight Kisses
Artist:            The Cactus Blossoms
Album:          You’re Dreaming

A new record of classic, basic Rock n’ Roll, à la The Everlys. With the sibling harmony thing going on.






Recording:    Wheels
Artist:            Emmylou Harris & Spyboy
Album:          Spyboy

Always a staple in Emmylou Harris’ live sets, Spyboy, featuring Buddy Miller on guitar, Daryl Johnson on bass and Brady Blade on drums, brought new energy to the Flying Burrito Bros’ classic.



Recording:    Somewhere
Artist:            Colvin & Earle
Album:          Colvin & Earle

Both artists have had success with this Earle penned tune. Think of the time you will save hearing
both of them sing it at the same time.





No Particular Place to Go

Recording:    No Particular Place To Go
Artist:            Chuck Berry
Album:          The Great Twenty-Eight

Don’t Duck Walk. Duck Drive!

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Recording:    Rumble
Artist:            Link Wray
Album:          Rumble – The Guitar Hero

Another tune that brings Hot Rodding to mind, even though that was not the intention.




Wreck On The Highway


Recording:    Wreck On The Highway
Artist:            Bruce Springsteen
Album:          The Ties That Bind




Drive Carefully.


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