The WDW News Today Podcast Episode 1: Disney Adults

Join Tom Corless and Eric Morton for a weekly discussion on Disney parks, Disney people and the Disney community. This week, Tom and Eric discuss Disney Adults.

The WDW News Today podcast is released every Tuesday on our YouTube channel and on major podcast platforms.

To see the video of this episode, go to:

4 thoughts on “The WDW News Today Podcast Episode 1: Disney Adults”

  1. Loved the content! However, I thought it took way too long to get to the topic of the podcast. For someone like myself that watches WDWNT weekly, it was all just repeated stories.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We have already recorded the first 3 episodes. Episodes 2 and 3 don’t have a news segment. Thanks for sticking around as we tweak the format. -Eric

    • Thanks for asking. We have added this podcast to Amazon Music. I am not sure how soon it will show up, but thanks for the suggestion. -Eric


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