Remembering The Disney Store – The WDW News Today Podcast: Episode 24

Join Tom Corless and Eric Morton for a weekly discussion on Disney parks, Disney people and the Disney community. This week, we talk about the Disney Store.

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1 thought on “Remembering The Disney Store – The WDW News Today Podcast: Episode 24”

  1. I have really great memories of the Disney stores. I remember the beautiful figurines of the Disney characters working on making a movie, the magic mirrors for kids, and the central pillar of all the plush. It was a lot like the old World of Disney in Anaheim before the refurbishment.
    I also remember the amazing customer service in store from the Cast Members, they definitely knew they were living up to “working for Disney,” and it gave a great Disney touch to going to the mall when I wasn’t going to the park for years at a time as a kid.
    Most of the stores closed in the early 2000’s but the Disney Store outlet in Morgan Hill was open until the last big everything closing in 2021. I remember how it was this big Children’s place style with lots of white everywhere.
    And it was the place I picked up a lot of the Disney XD merchandise! It was where I could get the Elena of Avalor and Tangled: The Series merch – heavily discounted too.
    I remember they had 2 of the 3 Gravestone boxes for the Haunted Mansion plushes on sale at the Outlet.


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