WDWNT Podcast Episode 189 (4/11/11) – Enhanced Edition

An enhanced podcast is a podcast with added features that standard podcasts do not have. Enhanced podcasts include advancements such as Chapter listings, this allows you to skip through segments or see all of the contents of this show. Enhanced podcasts also contain images allowing you to differ the chapters by or actually see a picture of what the podcaster is talking about. Enhanced podcasts have only one negative feature, you can not play them on most basic mp3 players. The file format for an Enhanced Podcast file is .m4a, which can play on an Apple iPod or a Microsoft Zune. If you need or would like a standard show, download the normal edition listed below this file. We hope you enjoy this WDWNT Network enhanced podcast.

Join me, Tom Corless, and a cast including Herbert M. Filibuster, Jenni Simon, Patty Granger, Conner Purzycki, Jason Diffendal, Anthony Yacullo, and Banks Lee for a variety show dedicated to the Walt Disney World Resort and its many fans. Plenty of Walt Disney World information and fun awaits you on this edition of the WDW News Today Podcast!

Welcome to a very different episode of the WDWNT Podcast. This is episodes #189 for April 11th, 2011. On this week’s show, we have the very first edition of our latest game show, WDWNT: The Match Game. As always, we’re placing a Disney spin on this classic 1970′s game and as usual, things get a little out of control with this staff-only pilot edition. Strap yourselves in for this one, because I think you’re in for one of the more memorable episodes of the show.

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