Around the Hub – Season 3 – Episode 6 – Beyond the Hub

Around the Hub is a game show based on ESPN’s Around the Horn. Four contestants from around the WDWNT Network of Podcasts match wits in a game of competitive banter. Points are awarded for good arguments and points may be deducted if a podcaster loses their train of thought or says something the host does not agree with. There are 3 rounds of play, starting off with the Rope Drop (which covers the biggest news stories of the week from the entire Walt Disney Company) and ending with the Face-Off between the last two podcasters standing. At the end of each round the podcaster with the lowest point total is eliminated. The winner of each episode gets a thirty second Meet ‘N’ Greet to discuss anything from the World of Disney that is on their minds.

We go back Beyond the Hub with frequent contributor and WDWNT: The Magazine Editor in Chief Ron D’Anna. Ron and host Patrick Hackett discuss Frozen, SpectroMagic, Marvel, Toad Ins, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, as well as some international flair and flavor. The theme of this episode is “WDWNT Cares”. Give it a listen…you won’t be disappointed.

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