Radio Free Disneyland – Episode 1 – The Discovery of Disneyland


Radio Free Disneyland is a curated music podcast that tells the stories of the Disneyland Resort in a unique and tuneful way. Using Disney music, not-so-Disney music, and definitely-not-Disney music to tell the stories of the “lands,” their origins, and their citizenry. Real and imagined. Usually with a backbeat. 


An incredibly detailed Soviet map of Orange County, California. Gotta be able to get the tanks down the streets. Which Chapman Ave. should we attack from?

Act 1 Show Notes:

Show Opening Sound Logo (Audio Montage)



Recording:  Overture: M. Gustave H
Artist:         Alexandre Desplat
Album:       Grand Budapest Hotel Original Sountrack






The Celler and Point copy 

Recording:   852
Artist:          The Cellar & Point
Album:        Ambit





Thanks to these fine artists for setting the tone of the Podcast. Discover their music via the buttons.

Intercepted Transmission 7/17/55 (Audio Montage)

Bridge of Spies


Recording:     Hall of Trade Unions, Moscow
Artist:            Thomas Newman
Album:           Bridge of Spies Soundtrack (2015)

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Disneyland Legacy


Recording:    Dedication of Disneyland
Artist:           Walt Disney
Album:         The Legacy Collection-Disneyland





I Can’t Live Without My Radio


Recording:     I Can’t Live Without My Radio
Artist:            Halloween Alaska
Album:          Too Tall To Hide

A smooth and soulful cover of the LL Cool J’s Hip Hop anthem. Halloween Alaska is a Minnesota-based band consisting of James Diers, Jake Hanson, Bill Shaw, and David King. All of the group’s members live in the Twin Cities.

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Radio Nowhere

Essential Bruce Spreengsteen


Recording:        Radio Nowhere
Artist:               Bruce Springsteen
Album:             The Essential Bruce Springsteen




Various Static (Audio Montage)



Contains excerpts of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress,
 Toni Basil’s “Mickey” in Spanish, Rocky and Bullwinkle, 
and the battle cry of the 1960s iconic Los Angeles radio 93-KHJ. 
Boss Radio’s iconic non-sequitur “Tina Delgado is alive, alive!” was the invention of DJ “The Real Don Steel.”

This cut also contains Artisanal Radio Static.



Vauxhall Bridge (with voice over)



Recording:      Vauxhall Bridge
Artist:             Thomas Newman
Album:           Spectre Original Soundtrack (2015)

Deejay contemplates the futility of his assignment.




Artists of the Week – Los Lobos

In 2009 Los Lobos did a whole album of interpretations of Disney musical fare.  On October 9, 2015, Los Lobos was nominated for induction into the a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time. Viva Los Lobos!



Deep Dossier: On America, Xenophobia and Los Lobos: Dream In Blue

No Depression – Easy Ed’s Broadside Review of Chris Morris’ Los Lobos bio-book.







Gates of Gold

Gates of Gold

Recording:        Gates of Gold
Artist:               Los Lobos
Album:             Gates of Gold

The place they describe on this title track seems somehow familiar. “A place where you never grow old.” The anticipation of arrival at a magical place is palpable. 




Main Street Parade

Main Street Parade


Recording:       Main Street Parade
Artist:              Louise Goffin
Album:            Songs From The Mine

I’m not imagining this one. Listen to the words!

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 Clef Club No. 2 (From Ragtime)



Recording:        Clef Club No 2
Artist:               Randy Newman
Album:             Ragtime (Original Sound Track)

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Once Upon A Dream (Band Organ)

Once Upon A Dream (Band Organ)


Recording:       Once Upon A Dream
Artist:              Walt Disney Imagineering
Composers:     Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence
Album:             A Musical History of Disneyland
(Attraction soundtrack from Sleeping Beauty’s Carousel)



Same Trailer Different Park

Same Trailer Different Park


Recording:   Merry Go Round
Artist:          Kasey Musgraves
Album:        Same Trailer Different Park

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 Part One Recap:



If you have been following along here, there’s really no need for you to hang around and listen the recap…

Why don’t you go to the kitchen and get me a beer?







Recording:   Follow Me
Artist:          The Tindersticks
Album:        The Waiting Room

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Web Only Intelligence Bulletin

(Not For Audio Broadcast Under Any Circumstance)










Transmission beginning…

Recently Rejected Disneyland Resort Attraction Ideas

  • Big Thunder Ranch Pet Hospital
  • Jersey Mike’s Submarines
  • Voyage into the Next Restrooms To Be Cleaned
  • Rascal Scooter Power Run
  • Guardians of My 1966 Ford Galaxie
  • Annual Passholder Dunk-Tank
  • Blahtopia
  • Woody’s Parking Re-Direct Roundup
  • Earl of Sandwich Ham & Swiss Mountain Bobsled
  • Mission to Bruno Mars

…End of transmission

Act 2 Show Notes:

“Numbers” (Audio Montage/Dramatization) – Radio Free Actor Collective

In a July 1953 photo, Walt Disney, executive C.V. Wood, Jr. and Harrison "Buzz" Price, from left, look over plans for what would eventually become Disneyland. Price was an engineer turned theme-park strategist whose research led Walt Disney to locate Disney's theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando.
Walt Disney, controversial executive C.V. Wood, Jr. and Harrison “Buzz” Price, from left, look over plans for what would eventually become Disneyland. Price, known as the Dean of Recreation Economics, identified where the Park would be built  – with math. Photo © Disney





Walt’s Revolution!: By the Numbers Hardcover – May, 2004
by Harrison “Buzz” Price (Author)
4.6 out of 5 stars.







Bill Frisell-Disfarmer


Recording:       Shutter, Dream
Artist:              Bill Frisell
Album:            Disfarmer

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The Radio Free Actor Collective currently consists of Ron Petke and Katie McRaven. Background checks are in process on several other fine thespians. 

Briar Rose



Recording:       Briar Rose
Artist:               Aoife O’Donovan
Album:             Fossils

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Prime Inspirations: Sleeping Beauty Castle Spire – Viollet-le-Duc Spire at Notre Dame


Once Upon A Dream

Maleficent OST

Recording:       Once Upon A Dream
Artist:              Lana Del Rey
Composers:     Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence
Album:            Disney’s Maleficent Original Soundtrack

A song so nice, we played it twice. Hey, it’s Briar Rose’s Park.

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On The Porch and the Phone With Sam Gennawey


Sam Gennawey uses his unique cross section of qualifications to dissect the China Closet porch of Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A.

Sam is the author of The Disneyland Story: An Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream, Walt and the Promise of Progress City, and Universal versus Disney: The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks’ Greatest Rivalry. Sam is also a contributor to Planning Los Angeles and other books as well as a columnist for the popular MiceChat website.

His unique point of view has brought speaking invitations from Walt Disney Imagineering, the Walt Disney Family Museum,  the American Planning Association, the California Preservation Foundation. He is currently a Senior Associate at the planning firm of KPA.






Recording:   I’m Gonna Tell You This Story One More Time
Artist:          Béla Fleck & the Marcus Roberts Trio
Album:        Across the Imaginary Divide





 Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces


Recording:       Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces
Artist:              The Jayhawks
Album:            Paging Mr. Proust

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 The Story of The Story

“Sleeping Beauty” by Charles Perrault or “Little Briar Rose” by the Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, is a classic fairy tale which involves a beautiful princess, a sleeping enchantment, and a handsome prince. The version collected by the Grimms was an orally transmitted version of the originally published by Charles Perrault in 1697 which was based on earlier writings by Italian poet Giambattista Basile. The earliest known version of the story is Perceforest, composed between 1330 and 1344 and first printed in 1528.


Hefner and Disney


Recording:       Hefner and Disney
Artist:              T-Bone Burnett
Album:            Proof Through The Night

The master record producer and maker of high profile movie soundtracks gets a little mixed up here, in this tune from his singer-songwriter period.
Or… is he trying to say something about instant wish fulfillment?

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To:            Radio Free Disneyland Air Staff

From:       Station Command

Subject:   Use of Deceptive Call Signs

In a critical effort to obscure our presence in California, Radio Free Disneyland will, beginning to immediately, use the call signs and on air collateral of vintage broadcast outlets at all appropriate opportunities.

Your Dear Leaders

 Walking In The Park



Recording:       Walking In The Park
Artist:              Muddy Waters
Album:            The Chess Story 1947-1975

The Wisdom of the Ancients. Muddy takes a stroll. 

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 Station Sign-Off  (Audio Montage)



WABC, now a part of the Empire, puts the station to bed.






When You Wish Upon A Star


Recording:       When You Wish Upon A Star
Artist:              Gretchen Peters
Album:            The Essential Gretchen Peters

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 Show End Sound Logo (Audio Montage)

Next Episode: Episode 2: My Way Or The Highway (Cars Land)


Vintage Soviet Automobile Ads (15)
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