WDWNT Podcast Episode 403 (10/08/18)

Join Tom Corless for a variety show dedicated to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

On this week’s show, we have another edition of “Pressing Issues” covering the biggest news stories since the last podcast.

All this and more Disney Parks information and fun await you this week on the WDW News Today Podcast.

1 thought on “WDWNT Podcast Episode 403 (10/08/18)”

  1. Great episode! “Those were the same actors. They walked through the audience and got on the boats, therefore they were in the show.”
    Sounds like a conversation I’ve had with people and it’s clear once it’s explained to me how something works.
    The paper towel thing… the air driers use electricity but so does converting paper into another paper product. Plus, there are a lot of transportation costs. Then the location needs to store it taking away space that could be used for retail, for example.


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