WDW News Tonight – Episode 96 (6/27/2019)

Tonight! A little birdie told me that we’ll be playing Tony’s Town Squares and that Cornac the Magnificent will return! See? “Threecan” play at that game. Wait…

  • A recap of the latest news (with a WDWNT comedic twist)
  • Tony’s Town Squares
  • The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments
  • In-Depth Discussion: The Current State of WDWNT
  • And more!

Hosted by Tom Corless and Nick LoCicero and featuring announcer Michelle Wargo, WDW News Tonight is a live, weekly, audio and video program that combines the latest headlines, comedy, trending vacation topics, call-in games, and in-depth discussions to bring Disney fans a one-of-a-kind 2-hour program covering the Disney Parks.

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Watch the video version of the show here: https://youtu.be/U7Awz8Qg_Ng

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