The WDW News Today Podcast – Episode 8: Unbuilt Disney Attractions: Part 3

Join Tom Corless and Eric Morton for a weekly discussion on Disney parks, Disney people and the Disney community. This week, we talk about the Disney100 celebration.

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1 thought on “The WDW News Today Podcast – Episode 8: Unbuilt Disney Attractions: Part 3”

  1. Thank you for another episode the unbuilt Disney attractions. At the end of the podcast series, it might be nice if there was a full episode list of the attractions discussed. Then if we’re ever thinking – “In which episode did they talk about this ride?” we can jump back to a particular unbuilt Disney attraction.
    I definitely share the disappointment about the Magic Kingdom not receiving the rest of the Princess experience series. They’re very fascinating and would have helped cement the uniqueness of Magic Kingdom, which is something that it struggles with for folks who have a closer home park for sure.
    While I stopped fairly quickly, I highly value the frustration expressed about Runaway Railway by Florida Disney Park fans. In California, we had Toon Town themed buildings and that was it where Mickey’s Runaway Railway is now. We even got a beautiful queue and a well-themed store out of the bargain. In Florida, the loss of the Great Movie Ride is very painful and it’s sad to hear but something that I’m curious to learn mroe about.


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